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Dear Future Owner of a Happy, Healthy, and Social Dog,

How many times have you been told that training a dog is incredibly difficult?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve heard it dozens of times. And, after a while, you probably started believing it’s really true.

But the simple truth is, training a well-adjusted, happy dog doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating.

Maybe you’ve never trained a puppy before, and you’re about to make the leap into dog ownership. Or maybe you have an adolescent or adult dog, and you’re beginning to notice some rather concerning behavioral problems.

Either way… you need to understand one thing if you want to truly enjoy the experience of owning a dog:

There’s a Right Way - and a LOT of Wrong Ways – to Train a Dog!

Don’t get us wrong… there are a lot of well-meaning people out there teaching dog training strategies. But the reality is, there is a set of specific techniques that consistently work. And if you’re not learning those specific techniques… training your dog properly can be a nightmare!

Let me ask you…

What if you could learn the specific, step by step techniques you need to ensure that your dog behaves well around people and other animals… and is happy in just about any social situation.

What if you could implement training strategies that would make training stick in a matter of hours… not weeks or months?

And, best of all… what if you could learn everything you need to know to quickly and easily train your dog… in a course that lasts only two hours?

You’d feel excited,

knowing that you have the tools to ensure that your dog enjoys a healthy, happy life!

You’d feel optimistic,

knowing that you won’t have to go through years of trying to correct behavioral issues!

You’d feel accomplished,

knowing that you’ve effectively taught your dog the good habits he or she needs to practice!

You’d feel relaxed,

knowing that you won’t have to wade through weeks of training materials to find out what you need to know to train your dog properly.

You’d feel relieved,

knowing that you won’t have to keep retraining your dog to correct new bad habits as they crop up.

My friend, getting a complete, step-by-step dog training course that gives you everything you need in just two hours… probably sounds a little far-fetched to you, doesn’t it?

But let me assure you, there really is a course that can do just that. And right now, that course is right at your fingertips!

If You’re Ready to Get the Exact Skills You Need to Train Your Puppy – or Retrain an Adolescent Dog – in Record Time… You NEED the MS Kennels Dog Training Course!

In this in-depth video course, you’re going to get 25 information-packed lessons to teach you everything you need to know to train your dog properly… no matter whether you’re dealing with a puppy, an adolescent, or even an adult dog.

These videos explain everything step by step and demonstrate key concepts so that you won’t have to guess about anything when you’re conducting your training. We’ll cover strategies and techniques to:

  • Help your dog overcome shyness
  • Prevent food aggression
  • Overcome separation anxiety
  • Prevent chewing items and tearing up furniture
  • Facilitate toilet training quickly
  • Stop leash pulling
  • Help your dog learn to recognize and obey commands
  • And MUCH more!

By the time you finish training your dog using the lessons we provide, he or she will most likely be the best-behaved and well-trained dog in the neighborhood!

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What our customers say

  • “Star was a great puppy that almost never put a foot wrong, so I have to admit we didn’t do a lot of training with her as she grew up. At the end of last year when we moved house her behavior changed significantly and she became a nightmare to live with. Constant barking, dragging me on the lead and never coming back when I called. She even started toileting in the house! I called a professional trainer and just the basic assessment was going to cost $300. I decided to give the MS Kennels tutorial series a try. She’s no longer a puppy, but as Pat says in the video a back to basics approach can often be the solution. I realized before we even got through the first section that I had never communicated effectively with Star. When we implemented the MS Kennels dog training system her behavior completely changed and she went back to being the dog I always knew and loved. Thanks Pat and Sam for giving me my old dog back!”

    – Rose Underwood
  • "MS Kennels dog training methodology works!! It's simple, easily implemented and success is achieved every time. I've been training with these methods for over a year now, since my German Shepherd was 12 weeks old. I was very fortunate to casually bump into Pat in my local dog park when he was doing some training with Val. He passed on some very wise words of wisdom and he had me hooked. The one fear I had about getting a dog especially one as big and as energetic as a German Shepherd was having an unruly adult dog for the rest of its life. Thankfully now I won't! We've excelled in dog training classes; being the youngest to get through to top class in our local dog club and we have just graduated into 3rd class (out of 4) in a new club in under a month! I don't get time to train my dog every day but when I do and I use MS Kennels techniques I see the results. Training a dog is meant to be fun for both you and the dog and I have come to love it. Purchasing these videos is the best first step you can do after deciding to get a dog. Happy Training!"

    - Emer Mernagh
  • "I found the MS Kennels tutorial series while looking for some free videos online. I love that I can watch videos on dog training when and where I please; I don't have time to fit into classes. The best thing about these videos is that the training is laid out for me in chronological order. I have seen lots of other videos about dog training but I never knew where to start. I also had this sickening sort of over whelming feeling when ever I was interacting with my puppy. I just never felt really sure if what I was doing for Rupert was quite right. Rupert (my gorgeous boy) is now 6 months old and no one can believe how well trained he is, especially for a pug! I'm definitely on my way to having the perfect dog I always wanted. Thanks MS Kennels"

    - Ryan Christopher Doyle
  • "We recently adopted a beautiful dog from our local shelter. They couldn't really tell us what breed she is, but Bella is BIG and FULL of energy. At the shelter they told us that when rescuing a dog you should just go right back to basics and treat that dog like a puppy. We watched all the MS Kennels videos in one go and got strait into training. Bella has never had a chance to cause us any problems and she has fit so perfectly into our lives. She came to us a bit wild, but by following all the easy to follow steps laid out by Pat and Sam in the videos we were able to immediately shape and mold Bella's behavior. My favorite video is the one about loose leash walking. Bella is way stronger than me and could drag me through traffic if she wanted to. Instead she just walks casually by my side. Everyone adopting a dog should watch these videos."

    – Rebecca Hardy
  • "A friend recommended MS Kennels to me when I said that I wanted to get a puppy. BEST ADVICE EVER! Watching these videos before I picked up Chance my Chocky Lab was the best decision I could have made. From day one minute one I knew that I was doing everything right. Chance is only 11 weeks old now and he is fully toilet trained, sits, drops and stands all on command. Our puppy school instructor thought I must have been a professional dog trainer, I knew THAT much. She even bought the videos herself and told me she was going to recommend all her students watch the MS Kennels videos. I'm really excited about Chance growing up and being the best trained dog around!"

    - Tristan Burke
  • "I am very happy to pass on how happy I am with the training that we have been able to access through MS Kennels. We were initially really nervous about getting a new addition to our little family, but we wanted a pet for our daughter to grow up with. She has always been nervous around dogs, but loves the idea of them! When we combined that with our own apprehension it was almost easier to just get a goldfish, but a friend put us on to MS Kennels via Facebook, and we haven't looked back. The videos are really easy to follow and understand, and looking back I can't believe we were so daunted by the whole prospect. We now have had our wonderful little puppy for two months and we are hitting all the milestones. I can confidently say we are on the way to having a happy, healthy, social pet, all thanks to MSK!"

    - Damon Heitbrink

What Makes the MS Kennels Dog Training Course Different?

We only use proven techniques that have been used to train dogs of many different breeds and temperaments. And, we prove that our techniques work!


Unlike other video courses, which feature an already trained dog, we start the course with an untrained puppy. As you progress through the lessons, you’ll see exactly how effective each of the techniques are as our training dog grows and learns!

Plus… there’s no “fluff!” Because the entire 25-lesson course runs just 2 hours long… there’s not a minute to spare for silly theories or meaningless talk. Our lessons get down to business… so it’s a good idea to have a notepad handy!

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