Feb 05, 2015

Just like trainers aren’t trainers, groomers aren’t groomers. Dog grooming is a multi-million dollar industry. So as you mite expect there are plenty of shonks out there trying to make a quick buck.

Something not covered at all in our video tutorials is how to groom your puppy. While the basic techniques for training a puppy do not change from breed to breed, the grooming techniques and procedures absolutely do.

How much grooming a puppy will need is a factor every owner must consider prior to selecting a breed. In some cases grooming is not a luxury but a total necessity, while others will get away with nothing more than a brush every now and again.

Most good working dog handlers will finish the working day with a grooming session between them and their K9 partner. Brushing a dog can be a great bonding opportunity and quite therapeutic for the dog. When done regularly and correctly it allows working dogs to relax and the ritual, along with the removal of their working harness or collar becomes an indication that the working day is over and they can now relax and just be a dog again.

Pet dog owners can employ a similar technique to bond with their furry friends. Having a place in the home where brushing and grooming takes place as well as developing a ritual around how its done will go a long way toward making the process something your dog enjoys rather than dreads.

For simple grooming that you intend to do yourself, all you need is a dog brush and patience. Take it slow and always go with the natural direction of your dogs fur. If the fur is matted or knotted it may be better removed than brushed out. If it’s been a long time between sessions and you think it’s beyond your capability then it may be time to call in the pros.

Just like trainers aren’t trainers, groomers aren’t groomers. Dog grooming is a multi-million dollar industry. So as you mite expect there are plenty of shonks out there trying to make a quick buck. Good dog groomers are extremely proud of their work. Just like any human hairdresser, their work is on display and can be judged by all.

The measure of good dog grooming in Sydney is at Scoobydooz in Brookvale. Scoobies is one of Sydney’s largest and most professional doggy day care facilities. Catering to Sydney’s north they offer a grooming salon with complementary day care on the day of grooming.

The key to identifying a professional grooming salon over a fly by nighter is the pride that the groomers take in their work. Scoobies lead groomer Kiyoko can rattle of a long list of awards over a distinguished career, having competed domestically and internationally. And I’ll bet you didn’t even know there are competitions in dog grooming!

The next musts when choosing a groomer are:

  • Guaranteed Work – Groomers should offer a 24 hour period where if you aren’t happy they will reassess and make minor changes to the groom.
  • No Rush Jobs – Particularly for a puppy, grooming can be a bit daunting. If it’s your dog’s first trip to the groomers then there is a process of bonding and developing a relationship between the groomer and the dog. An aggressive or rushed groom can leave a dog hating the groomers for life.
  • Keeping Detailed Records – Just like at the hairdressers you should be able to tell the groomers “just like last time, only a little longer at the back” and they should know exactly what you mean.


The final piece of the puzzle is actually washing your dog. Of coarse that’s something your groomer will do but if you are doing it at home the key is to keep it positive and only ever use a dog specific shampoo. Human soaps and shampoos have a different ph level that can cause your dog skin irritations and cause other health problems.

Some dogs LOVE to be washed while others HATE it. Knowing this and being sensitive to the dogs needs is important. Never let a wash be seen as a punishment. 


Photo Credit: ©petal photography


3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying/Adopting a Dog

Dec 16, 2014

Here are 3 great reasons why buying or adopting a dog can be an excellent decision.

Choosing to buy a dog is a big decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. Dogs, on average, live for 12 years, and can cost between $13,000 - $25,000 over the course of their lifetime. If you've carefully considered the time, commitment, and financial factors of dog ownership but you're still unsure if bringing a dog into your home is right for you, here are 3 great reasons why buying or adopting a dog can be an excellent decision!


In the typical Hollywood movies, spies and burglars often sneak past watch dogs by tossing a steak at them, or by shooting them with tranquillizer darts. In real life, unless your home is full of national defence secrets, a burglar will more likely just head down the street to the next home if he sees evidence of a dog. If you live in an area prone to break-ins, you will be able to sleep more soundly with a dog in your home, knowing there will be a lot less chance of anyone trying to break-in as well as being alerted to any attempted break-ins by your dogs' barking. Similarly, if you're out jogging with a dog, particularly a larger breed, then the chances that anyone will bother you are significantly less.


It has been scientifically proven that early risers are happier, healthier and more productive than night-owls, yet many people struggle with getting out of bed early in the morning (especially during the winter months!). If you're a late riser who wants to accomplish more each day but has trouble making the first move out from under those cosy covers, then a dog may be the perfect solution for you. A dog won't let you sleep in, and they'll wake you up early every morning wanting breakfast, a walk, or simply a little bit of attention. Closely linked in with this is the fact that every time you exercise your dog, you exercise yourself! Walking is one of the best forms of exercise as it requires no special equipment, is low intensity, and is something that almost anyone can benefit from, no matter what their level of fitness is. If you're already in good shape, consider getting a younger dog, large enough to keep up with your running pace.

Taking Care Of A Dog

People who own dogs have been proven to enjoy longer life spans on average - often attributed to the positive effects dog companionship has on the dog owner's mental, emotional, and physical health. "People who have dogs live longer than people who have cats, and the assumption has been that dogs naturally cause their owners to be more active", says Dr. Thomas Lee , "The emotional benefits of having an affectionate creature are also one of the theories for why dog-lovers live longer."

Safety, health, and a longer, happier lifespan? If it sounds as great to you as it does to us, maybe it's time for you to start researching different breeds of dog and contacting your local breeder or dog shelter! 

Longer Life For Dogs

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