A Testimonial From A Happy Customer

Jun 02, 2015

Have a read of what the customer had to say about him. Keep in mind as you read along, destructive is a good thing in a working puppy!

This week as part of our custom K9 program and in conjunction with the Police Dog Centre Australia we shipped off a puppy to the US where he will be trained, tested and enter the breeding program at Ultimate Working Dogs. Have a read of what the customer had to say about him. Keep in mind as you read along, destructive is a good thing in a working puppy!

Sam and Trevor,
Just wanted to let you both know how extremely happy I am about "Wreck it Ralph". As his name would suggest, he is a complete terror in every way and I mean that in a good way! He came off the plane after being away from his birth home for 3 days running around like he owned the place. Unfortunately it was dark when I picked him up so I didn't get very good video, but he came out jumping and running all over the place. I left my front door of my truck open to reach for a lead when up he went into the floorboard and then onto the seats and started destroying everything in his path. He wasn't afraid of anything. He then jumped out of my truck and started running around again as vehicles were going past him. He didn't care at all about anything. He greeted me and he was running again.
We then had a 5 hour trip home and he rode like a champ. No issues; no messes. When we got home he heard my dogs barking and ran toward the noise. He ran over, under and through things to try to get to the noise before I finally distracted him with food and he came running to me.
He is an absolutely amazing puppy and solid environmentally. His drives are incredible and I can't wait for him to finish teething to get some great video of him. I would definitely buy another pup from you all in the future. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to give anyone my name and email.
You guys are super! And much love to Joanne for putting up with the little terrorist.
Tracy Landis
Ultimate Working Dogs
West Virginia-U.S.A.

Ralph with his sister Miley. Miley will be staying with Sam with a view to one day becoming part of our breeding program.

Ralph loaded up on his box ready to be transported to the USA!


Importing A Dog To Australia

Feb 23, 2015

Here at MSKennels we are able to deal with complex imports and provide a first class process for sourcing and importing your dog.

Very often we get asked to source dogs both domestically and internationally, for various clients. We deal with various breeds and sometimes custom demands, such as a dog from a specific program or bloodline.

In this instance I will go through a brief explanation of what we go through to bring someone’s dream into reality.

Before we even begin to book flights, most of our time is spent on the phone / emails and skype engaging with our contacts throughout the world trying to locate that specific dog that meets the buyer’s specific requirements. Once we have located what we are looking for, then we arrange our flights and in this instance we flew to the Netherlands.

Importing Dogs Australia

Once we arrived in country the first step was visiting our high end suppliers until we shortlisted a couple of dogs that we liked, from there we put the dogs through our complex assessment until we found the dogs that met every requirement we were after.

Once we have selected the dogs we then ensure that the dogs are medically fit and that there are no health issues, i.e. x-raying hips and elbows.

Once all the medical tests are complete we then organise a boarding facility and begin the stringent Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) pre-import requirements i.e. (vaccinations / paperwork).

Whilst the dogs are in quarantine we concurrently apply for the applicable paperwork (import paperwork) and ensure everything is going smoothly. Once our paperwork is sorted out, which can take some time we ensure that we have the relevant AQIS facility in Australia booked for the arrival of the dogs.

As we are getting closer to the import dates (Approximately 3 weeks) we then organise transport form the country of origin to Australia.

Once the dogs arrive in Australia, they will be picked up by AQIS staff where it will do another ten days of quarantine, once that is completed you may pick up your dog.

If you live in a state where there is no AQIS facility you will require to submit a letter of authority allowing a transport company or an individual to pick up the dog for you.

This process usually takes about 5 months, however if the dog fails certain blood test it can blow out the process and make it longer (Failing Rabies testing can add another month). Sometimes we are lucky and we may find a dog that meets our requirements and has already had most of the vaccinations.

Also if your paperwork is incorrect it can also increase time, and you may be charged extra to resubmit.

This process can be very time consuming and overwhelming for people with little to no experience in this process

If you wish to import a dog you are better off relying on people who have experience in importing and have the ability to go through reliable and ethical suppliers who can provide dogs that meet your requirements.

Here at MSKennels we are able to deal with complex imports and provide a first class process for sourcing and importing your dog.


3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying/Adopting a Dog

Dec 16, 2014

Here are 3 great reasons why buying or adopting a dog can be an excellent decision.

Choosing to buy a dog is a big decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. Dogs, on average, live for 12 years, and can cost between $13,000 - $25,000 over the course of their lifetime. If you've carefully considered the time, commitment, and financial factors of dog ownership but you're still unsure if bringing a dog into your home is right for you, here are 3 great reasons why buying or adopting a dog can be an excellent decision!


In the typical Hollywood movies, spies and burglars often sneak past watch dogs by tossing a steak at them, or by shooting them with tranquillizer darts. In real life, unless your home is full of national defence secrets, a burglar will more likely just head down the street to the next home if he sees evidence of a dog. If you live in an area prone to break-ins, you will be able to sleep more soundly with a dog in your home, knowing there will be a lot less chance of anyone trying to break-in as well as being alerted to any attempted break-ins by your dogs' barking. Similarly, if you're out jogging with a dog, particularly a larger breed, then the chances that anyone will bother you are significantly less.


It has been scientifically proven that early risers are happier, healthier and more productive than night-owls, yet many people struggle with getting out of bed early in the morning (especially during the winter months!). If you're a late riser who wants to accomplish more each day but has trouble making the first move out from under those cosy covers, then a dog may be the perfect solution for you. A dog won't let you sleep in, and they'll wake you up early every morning wanting breakfast, a walk, or simply a little bit of attention. Closely linked in with this is the fact that every time you exercise your dog, you exercise yourself! Walking is one of the best forms of exercise as it requires no special equipment, is low intensity, and is something that almost anyone can benefit from, no matter what their level of fitness is. If you're already in good shape, consider getting a younger dog, large enough to keep up with your running pace.

Taking Care Of A Dog

People who own dogs have been proven to enjoy longer life spans on average - often attributed to the positive effects dog companionship has on the dog owner's mental, emotional, and physical health. "People who have dogs live longer than people who have cats, and the assumption has been that dogs naturally cause their owners to be more active", says Dr. Thomas Lee , "The emotional benefits of having an affectionate creature are also one of the theories for why dog-lovers live longer."

Safety, health, and a longer, happier lifespan? If it sounds as great to you as it does to us, maybe it's time for you to start researching different breeds of dog and contacting your local breeder or dog shelter! 

Longer Life For Dogs

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