We're 6 months old today!

Jul 18, 2018

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Today marks 6 months since we launched our online puppy raising and dog training tutorials. We haven't had any negative feedback and we've seen some great puppies growing into fantastic dogs thanks to their owners following our advice.

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Bart Bellon NePoPo Seminar Brisbane 6-7 Feb 2016

Aug 18, 2016

The Father of modern dog training will be presenting his two day NePoPo® seminar. February 6-7 2016 This is a rare opportunity for Australians to see a true master in action!

Please click HERE to get to the Seminar Booking page. 




Jul 02, 2015

Power is nothing without control! In this post Pat talks about how having control of your dog is the responsibility of every dog owner, especially those with a dog that's trained to bite.


As you have probably picked up by now, here at MS Kennels we have a lot more going on than just our video series on how to raise a puppy. In fact, we are extremely passionate about working dogs. Sam and his family have been involved in working dogs for generations. I saw my first Military Working Dog while deployed in Afghanistan in 2008 and knew that I had to get involved in that world.

There is however an alarming trend in the working dog world. INSTABILITY! Owning a dog that bites is a huge responsibility and not one that should be taken lightly. The sheer power a dog can deliver in its bite can be enough to crush bone or even remove an arm. Sadly we have all probably heard a news report about someone, or their child, being killed by a dog.

A good working dog doesn’t need to be taught to bite. He has to be taught to bite properly, but the will to do it in the first place should be inherent. BUT the days of the Kamikaze attack dog are over (if they ever existed in the first place). A dog must not just bite indiscriminately and one that does isn’t a working dog, its just a dangerous dog.

So while its important to develop a grip and technique in the bite, it’s just as important to implement controls. The dog may only bite in circumstances that suit the handler, not just when ever the dog feels like it.

It’s a concept that sadly blows a lot of peoples minds. A dog that is trained to protect you or your family can and should also be social. You hear the argument “the dog will protect me from any one that comes in my house” and in general that’s nonsense because when there are people in the house the dog is locked away because it cant be trusted.

Below is a clip of Sams dog Gwen. She has been told to stay in the down position and she does exactly that. Like most Malinois she loves to bite and the men in bite suits taunting her is the highest possible distraction. But there is no threat to her or her handler. She has been told to stay in the down position and that is what she will do until she is released.

I heard a great line at a seminar I attended recently “If you don’t have control over your dog, then you have no business letting it bite anyone” and in my opinion that couldn’t be more true. 



A Testimonial From A Happy Customer

Jun 02, 2015

Have a read of what the customer had to say about him. Keep in mind as you read along, destructive is a good thing in a working puppy!

This week as part of our custom K9 program and in conjunction with the Police Dog Centre Australia we shipped off a puppy to the US where he will be trained, tested and enter the breeding program at Ultimate Working Dogs. Have a read of what the customer had to say about him. Keep in mind as you read along, destructive is a good thing in a working puppy!

Sam and Trevor,
Just wanted to let you both know how extremely happy I am about "Wreck it Ralph". As his name would suggest, he is a complete terror in every way and I mean that in a good way! He came off the plane after being away from his birth home for 3 days running around like he owned the place. Unfortunately it was dark when I picked him up so I didn't get very good video, but he came out jumping and running all over the place. I left my front door of my truck open to reach for a lead when up he went into the floorboard and then onto the seats and started destroying everything in his path. He wasn't afraid of anything. He then jumped out of my truck and started running around again as vehicles were going past him. He didn't care at all about anything. He greeted me and he was running again.
We then had a 5 hour trip home and he rode like a champ. No issues; no messes. When we got home he heard my dogs barking and ran toward the noise. He ran over, under and through things to try to get to the noise before I finally distracted him with food and he came running to me.
He is an absolutely amazing puppy and solid environmentally. His drives are incredible and I can't wait for him to finish teething to get some great video of him. I would definitely buy another pup from you all in the future. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to give anyone my name and email.
You guys are super! And much love to Joanne for putting up with the little terrorist.
Tracy Landis
Ultimate Working Dogs
West Virginia-U.S.A.

Ralph with his sister Miley. Miley will be staying with Sam with a view to one day becoming part of our breeding program.

Ralph loaded up on his box ready to be transported to the USA!

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