Importing A Dog To Australia

Very often we get asked to source dogs both domestically and internationally, for various clients. We deal with various breeds and sometimes custom demands, such as a dog from a specific program or bloodline.

In this instance I will go through a brief explanation of what we go through to bring someone’s dream into reality.

Before we even begin to book flights, most of our time is spent on the phone / emails and skype engaging with our contacts throughout the world trying to locate that specific dog that meets the buyer’s specific requirements. Once we have located what we are looking for, then we arrange our flights and in this instance we flew to the Netherlands.

Importing Dogs Australia

Once we arrived in country the first step was visiting our high end suppliers until we shortlisted a couple of dogs that we liked, from there we put the dogs through our complex assessment until we found the dogs that met every requirement we were after.

Once we have selected the dogs we then ensure that the dogs are medically fit and that there are no health issues, i.e. x-raying hips and elbows.

Once all the medical tests are complete we then organise a boarding facility and begin the stringent Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) pre-import requirements i.e. (vaccinations / paperwork).

Whilst the dogs are in quarantine we concurrently apply for the applicable paperwork (import paperwork) and ensure everything is going smoothly. Once our paperwork is sorted out, which can take some time we ensure that we have the relevant AQIS facility in Australia booked for the arrival of the dogs.

As we are getting closer to the import dates (Approximately 3 weeks) we then organise transport form the country of origin to Australia.

Once the dogs arrive in Australia, they will be picked up by AQIS staff where it will do another ten days of quarantine, once that is completed you may pick up your dog.

If you live in a state where there is no AQIS facility you will require to submit a letter of authority allowing a transport company or an individual to pick up the dog for you.

This process usually takes about 5 months, however if the dog fails certain blood test it can blow out the process and make it longer (Failing Rabies testing can add another month). Sometimes we are lucky and we may find a dog that meets our requirements and has already had most of the vaccinations.

Also if your paperwork is incorrect it can also increase time, and you may be charged extra to resubmit.

This process can be very time consuming and overwhelming for people with little to no experience in this process

If you wish to import a dog you are better off relying on people who have experience in importing and have the ability to go through reliable and ethical suppliers who can provide dogs that meet your requirements.

Here at MSKennels we are able to deal with complex imports and provide a first class process for sourcing and importing your dog.

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