Good Technology In Dog Training

What does it mean to “own a dog”? Yes, legally a dog is considered property that can be bought and sold. You may hold a pedigree for your dog, you should have gotten a receipt of sale when you bought it, and in some countries YOU are legally responsible for it and its actions.

I like to say, “I HAVE my dogs, and they HAVE me.” In my opinion having a dog comes with a huge amount of responsibilities such as caring for that dogs safety and health. But, most importantly it’s our responsibility to teach that dog how to fit into our lives. A puppy is a blank slate that we can shape and mold into anything we want. Right from the start I want to be able to positively influence every decision my puppy makes, so as it grows it makes choices that reflect the way I taught it to think as a puppy.

Doing all this is a tricky job that requires patience and understanding. It requires reading a dog, reading a situation and shaping and molding behavior appropriately. I don’t like outsourcing this job to machines! But I would like to talk about a new piece of technology that is designed to positively help this situation, not hinder it.

At its very core, dog training is about engagement. With a dog that is interested in you, and wants what you have (food, play or affection) we can motivate and shape its behavior. Any technology that’s going to play a role in this process had best increase engagement or I won’t use it.


Apps are all the rage these days. What ever you need, there’s an App for that! I’ve seen a few for dogs and I’m normally not impressed, until recently.

MANS BEST FRIEND is an App designed by an Australian Dog trainer, BRYDIE CHARLESWORTH. What I love is that it’s not for your dog, its for you! It’s for people with an adult dog that need help creating the perfect environment and setting up a lifestyle and routine to begin training.

The App consists of

  • A detailed shopping lost
  • A diet plan
  • Advice on Environmental enrichment
  • Gives Training tips, and
  • A detailed 7 day training program.

When I saw MANS BEST FRIEND I immediately recognized how well it complements our own tutorial series. By following the simple and well laid out plan in the app any pet dog owner will be setting their dog up to learn.

Within the App Brydie has included some awesome training tips that when implemented will increase that all important ENAGAGEMENT between human and dog.

If you have an adult dog, MANS BEST FRIEND will have the whole household (including the dog) in the correct frame of mind to get the absolute most out of our tutorial series. 


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